Monday, May 18, 2009

GO Native!

Native plants are those that existed within your state or local area prior to the arrival of settlers.

Why should you GO Native? Here are the top four reasons!

  • Native plants provide for low maintenance, chemical-free landscapes, because they are adapted to local weather conditions, soils and are resistant to local pests.

  • Native plants attract a great diversity of wildlife by providing food, shelter and nesting sites.

  • An incredible diversity of native plants provides beautiful flowers and interesting foliage and provides a variety of heights, shapes, textures and colors to the landscape.

  • Using native plants in the landscape not only benefits the ecosystem, but can start the educational process for people of all ages, leading to a better understanding, appreciation, and acceptance of our natural environment.


  1. I love spiderwort. Haven't seen any in years, but I used to have a fabulous patch of them at my old house. Thanks for reminding me that I need to find a spot for them at the new place.

  2. I recently planted some at my house. I LOVE native plants and I am working very hard to use most if not all native plants in my landscape at home.



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