Monday, August 17, 2009

Motivation Monday

As a part-time entrepreneurial crafter, I have ideas of items that I want to fabricate, but occasionally I find myself simply lacking the motivation to create. Why? What is wrong with me? Nothing. This is a problem many people face, regardless of their career status. So, how do you get on track to be inspired and motivated to create? This is a question I’ll be exploring on Mondays.

Set aside a positive space. Carve out a space for your craft; even if it is a shelf in the corner of the dining room. Clear the clutter and organize tools and supplies. It is frustrating to stop working on a project to look for a tool or supply that “should be around here SOMEWHERE!” Once your space is free of clutter, set a creative tone by displaying things that are inspirational/motivational to YOU. If possible paint your craft space a color you love. Get a bulletin board and hang up pictures, postcards, pages from magazines, fabrics, decorative papers, whatever is beautiful to you.

Finish or get rid of old unfinished projects. Nothing can kill motivation faster than seeing unfinished work lying around. Finish these projects, disassemble them or otherwise get rid of them.

Do you have any motivational ideas? Please leave a comment.

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