Monday, January 11, 2010

The Big Muddy?

It was well below freezing all last week, and strong winter storm hit Wednesday/ Thursday dropping about 5 inches of snow and bringing truly Arctic air. We had forecast highs for Friday and Saturday around 5F, with lows well below zero and strong winds pushing the wind chill below -20. This past weekend I braved the cold to venture out to photograph the Missouri River in all her winter splendor. Temperatures on this morning were between NEGATIVE 5 and NEGATIVE 10 degrees!

sunrise over the icy Missouri River
The relative "warmth" of the river water casues a fog to riase in the chill of the early morning. In fact, I could barely make out the state capitol building just across the river.

bridge over the Missouri River in snow, ice and fog

fog rising off of the icy Missouri River
The fog from the river coats the trees on the shorline with a shroud of frosty ice.

Trees clad in ice
With all the freezing temperatures there was a good deal of ice on the Missouri River. The current was too strong for a solid surface of ice, but reportly the river was 50-75% percent covered in our area. This week the "Big Muddy" could be called the "Big Icy" with all the ice jostling and churning downriver.

ice floe in the Missouri River

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